UM Data

United Methodist Church Online Directory & Statistics

The General Council on Finance and Administration (GCFA) offers general statistical information about the church, formerly contained in the printed General Minutes, in a free, easy-to-use online directory and statistics website at

Assembled using data from EZRA, the United Methodist Data Access page ( allows you to search for information regarding churches, pastors, conferences, and other entities in a quick and simple to use interface. While EZRA is the system used to gather and compile statistical information and general church data from each conference, the UM Data Access website is the vehicle The United Methodist Church is using to deliver that data to the public.

  • Local church statistics as users of the site can look up individual church information on church leadership, membership and statistical history.
  • A much quicker way to locate pastors that includes historical information on appointments.
  • Available annual conference leadership information not previously contained in the general minutes.
  • Quick Facts that give users the ability to select an annual conference and find membership by district, conference or jurisdiction as reported on the local church statistical reporting forms.


  • Membership and Attendance
  • Received Professions of Faith
  • Average Attendance
  • Year End Membership
  • Sunday School Attendance
  • Grand Total Paid
  • Year End Debt
  • Apportionment Percentage Paid
  • Membership Growth

Quick Facts:

  • Professing Members
  • Professions of Faith
  • Attendance
  • Baptized Members
  • Adults Baptized This Year
  • Children Baptized This Year
  • Constituent Members
  • Sunday School Attendance
  • Small Group Participation
  • Number of Small Groups
  • Mission Participation
  • Apportionment Percentage Paid
  • Mission Giving
  • Total Spending
  • Total Income

Designed to be user friendly [and because the information is cross-referenced], you will discover that you can find the information you need in a multitude of ways. Play with it to find the way that works best for you.

Download instructions here.

Questions or need assistance? Contact Jane Horstman in the Faith Community Formation office at 769.243.7072 or