Thanksgiving Memories with The Swansons

The Swansons have shared with us their joys around giving thanks, their reimagining of Thanksgiving with their family due to the pandemic, their gratitude for collaborative mission with the Mississippi Conference and their blessings throughout the year. As we commemorate their time here in the Mississippi Conference and congratulate them on Bishop Swanson’s retirement, take a moment to look back at their Thanksgiving messages to the Mississippi Conference over the years. 

Happy Thanksgiving from the Swansons 2021 from Mississippi Conference on Vimeo.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your fifth thanksgiving or your eighty-fifth thanksgiving—all hearts and minds, every year, are on the same thing—the amazing aromas that will soon fill our homes, and the family and friends who fill our hearts. This is our 10th Thanksgiving with you all, and we just wanted to share our hearts and our memories with you from over the years. Click on the image below to watch our Thanksgiving message to the Mississippi Conference. You can also click here to download the video and share with your congregations.

Swanson Thanksgiving Greeting 2020 from Mississippi Conference on Vimeo.

Thanksgiving, for many of us, will look very different this year, but that doesn't mean we don't have an abundance of reasons to give God thanks. Watch (or download) this Thanksgiving message from my family to the Mississippi Conference here

The Swansons Give Thanks for Harvest 2019 from Mississippi Conference on Vimeo.

Bishop and Mrs. Swanson share in excitement about the furit of the spiritual seeds that have been sowed throughout the Mississippi Conference over the year and why it's certainly worth giving God thanks. 

The Swansons' Thanksgiving Greeting 2018 from Mississippi Conference on Vimeo.

As we enter this Thanksgiving Season, Bishop James E. Swanson Sr. and Mrs. Delphine Swanson discuss the joy of cooking as well as reflect on three ways we can all be thankful.

Swansons Thanksgiving Greetings from Mississippi Conference on Vimeo.

This year has been full of natural disasters and terrible acts of violence. However, Mrs. Swanson and I want to encourage everyone to remember that even in the midst of tough times, God still calls us to be people with thankful hearts. 

Happy Thanksgiving from The Swansons from Mississippi Conference on Vimeo.

Bishop and Mrs. Swanson send a heart-felt greeting giving thanks for the many fruitful faith communities, clergy persons, lay people, ministries and missions throughout the Mississippi Conference who are Living Out The POWER of We. They also share personal glory sightings of where they have seen God at work. 

Thanksgiving Greetings 2014 from Mississippi Conference on Vimeo.

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