United to Stop Domestic Violence

Bishop Swanson’s Task Force on Domestic Violence Mission Statement:

Our Church has a role and a responsibility to cultivate congregations and communities which foster healthy, loving and violence-free relationships.


Bishop’s Task Force on Domestic Violence

Bishop James E. Swanson Sr. appointed a Domestic Violence Task Force, which held its first meeting in January of 2015 coordinated by Bishop Swanson; Vickie White, conference director of connectional ministries and communications; a representative from United Methodist Women and a representative from United Methodist Men.

The members of the task force, representing both clergy and lay from across the conference, have set a course of action designed to educate all persons within the conference about the scourge of domestic violence and provide resources to assist those caught in domestic violence situations, both victims and perpetrators.

Under the leadership of Bishop Swanson, the task group has discerned the need for training events for clergy to prepare them to lead the effort to foster healthy, loving and violence-free relations in their congregations. Those events will be held this fall in three locations throughout the annual conference. The Mississippi Conference has joined the Mississippi Coalition Against Domestic Violence and will rely heavily on the coalition’s training skills and resources in the coming months.

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The flyer is available here. Download the mission statement covenant here

*Lay Training information will be made available when the details are solidified.