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Many people need to access the data collected in the statistical reports each year to answer questions like “How does my church compare in membership with the other churches in my district or in the conference?” “How does our payout of apportionments compare to churches about our size?” “How many professions of faith are made in churches with average attendance of 100 or less?”
To track your church’s data weekly, use the VitalSigns Dashboard. The VitalSigns Dashboard tool is designed to help congregations monitor progress on a wide range of data elements like attendance, professions of faith, giving and more.  To learn more about the VitalSigns tool and other related resources, visit:
Some folks even ask why we bother to collect the statistical data each year. They say “No one uses it”. While not everyone uses it, many people want to know certain things. That is why we present the following excel spreadsheets.
Below are the statistical tables for 2003-2019. You will recognize these files as the ones that the Statistical Journal was printed from. Here is how the files appear: for most years, there are 3 files . One file called “(Year) Conference Stats” lists all of the churches in the conference. The other 2 files are called “(Year) Stats by District” with the abbreviation of the district in the name. These list the churches by district. For recap totals on each district, you will find a recap sheet in the first district file. If you are comparing conference-wide, you will need to use the conference stats file. If you are comparing a district, you may go to the district file. The tables are built in excel format so that you can use them to search and sort as you look for the statistical data that you need.
A table named “2006 example report” that answered the questions “Can we compare all of the churches of the conference showing their membership, professions of faith, and average attendance” is on the website. The table for “2006 Conference Stats” was used to answer this request. Thanks to all of the local churches, district statisticians and  Rex Wilburn, conference statistician for their diligent work that makes this data possible and available to you.
Anyone that works with excel can help you answer your questions. Now you see why the collection of accurate data each January is so important. It should also be noted that the data is used by the general church as well as the jurisdiction and conference to compute the apportionments for each conference and local church.
We hope you enjoy using this new tool. If you think of improvements to this page, please email and we will study your suggestions.
2020 Conference and District Statistics
2019 Conference and District Statistics
2018 Conference and District Statistics
2017 Conference and District Statistics
2016 Conference and District Statistics
2015 Conference and District Statistics
2014 Conference and District Statistics
2013 Conference and District Statistics 
2012 Conference Stats
2012 Stats by District
2011 Conference Stats
2011 Stats By District
2010 Conference Stats
2010 Stats By District
2009 Conference Stats
2009 Stats By District
2008 Conference Stats
2008 Stats by District
2007 Conference Stats
2007 Stats by District BRO-MER
2007 Stats by District NA-WJ
2006 Example Report
2006 Conference Stats
2006 Stats by District BRO-MER
2006 Stats by District NA-WJ
2005 Conference Stats
2005 Stats by District BRO-MER
2005 Stats by District NA-WJ
2004 Conference Stats
2004 Stats by District BRO-MER
2004 Stats by District NA-WJ
2003 Conference Stats
2003 Stats by District BRO-MER
2003 Stats by District NA-WJ
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