Resources for COVID-19 CARES ACT


Now that you have gotten the loan, you most likely will want to consider loan forgiveness.  That process will begin after your 8-24 week period ends.  Remember that period begins on the day your loan was deposited into your bank account.  


Table of Contents


Round 1

  1. PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Form 3508EZ and Instructions for Borrowers with checklist 
  2. PPP Loan Forgiveness Application Form 3508 and Instructions for Borrowers with checklist 
  3. Request for Amounts Paid on Clergy Benefits for PPP Loan Documentation
  4. 6/24/2020 PPP Excel Forgiveness Calculator 
  5. Christianity Today: Church Law & Tax-Applying for Loan Forgiveness
  6. CapinCrouse: Applying for Loan Forgiveness Update 7.17.2020
  7. BKD: PPP Forgiveness New Developments and Pending Legistation
  8. BKD: Important New Guidelines for Loan Forgiveness 


Round 1          Zoom Sessions with Conference Treasurer


         Session 1:  PowerPoint CARES Act: Payroll Protection Program
         Session 2:  CARES ACT Forgiveness  Powerpoint Presentation    
   (NOTE:  under non-payroll costs -  May 15, 2020 was stated, but should have been Feb 1, 2020)    
         Session 3:  Powerpoint PPP Loan Forgiveness  


 Round 2

  1.  PPP Loan Draw Borrower Application revised 2.17.2021
  2.  PPP Loan Second Draw Borrower Application revised 2.17.2021
  3.  Wespath UMC Support Covid-19 Update 1.21.2021
  4.  UMC Support FFCRA Update 1.12.2021


Round 2          Zoom Sessions With Conference Treasurer

         Session 1:   Powerpoint  PPP Update Round 1 & Round 2
         Session 2:  Powerpoint Paycheck Protection Program 3.1.2021
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