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We believe in empowering the pastor and church leaders to measure and monitor their own church health and vitality. And gathering basic information about one’s church environment is essential to knowing the areas that are thriving and those that need more attention.

Whether starting a new worship service, a new ministry site or even revitalizing an existing faith community, Readiness 360 will help your congregation gain shared, unprecedented insight as to where you are (your unique strengths) so that any new vision, goal or ministry becomes more achievable — to lead your church toward renewal and toward a future that is befitting the Christian gospel. The Readiness 360 online survey tool will help you focus your limited time and attention on the areas that will yield maximum results for you and your church by providing:

Clarity – decisions are better and more easily made with an informed perspective and in a context of clarity rather than through a gut feeling or anecdotal feedback.

Objectivity – you’ve heard the adage “the squeaky wheel gets the grease?” Quite often, in a church setting, few voices are heard. Because everyone (or as many as possible take the survey), Readiness 360 levels the playing field, giving you sound affirmation of the areas where your ministry is excelling and insight into areas needing attention.

Measurability – R360 provides graphs and feedback to help you monitor your church’s health in measurable ways.

Unity – engaging in this process communicates that you value your church members and that their feedback is important and necessary for the church to grow in healthy, transformative ways.

Readiness 360 from Mississippi Conference on Vimeo.

Readiness 360:

An online assessment (survey) tool that assesses four critical capacities for multiplying thriving ministries -- Spiritual Intensity, Dynamic Relationships, Missional Alignment and Cultural Openness -- in a report so that needed next steps are shared, clear and impactful. The Readiness 360 survey tool is provided to the United Methodist churches in Mississippi, free of charge (your Mission Share dollars at work). 

  • Spiritual Intensity: Is your congregation driven by its passion for Christ?
  • Dynamic Relationships: How dynamic and healthy are your relationships with those inside and outside your church?
  • Missional Alignment: To what degree does your church prioritize investment of its resources (time, talent, treasure) according to a biblical vision and mission?
  • Cultural Openness: Does your congregation exhibit a capacity for embracing people from diverse cultures?

Cost: Free of charge 

Need help discerning next steps after taking the survey?  

Consider Journey for Transformation, a 5-hour facilitated process designed to assist church leaders in understanding their current context so they may begin to discern possibilities for their future. Click here for details.


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