Questions & Comments for Bishop Swanson and the Delegation

During the sessions of annual conference, there is an equal representation of clergy and laity members from your church or charge. Every four years, these clergy and lay members vote for delegates to represent the Mississippi Conference at General Conference. The responsibility of the delegation is to discern how God is leading them in ways to best serve the people they represent. Members of the Mississippi Conference delegation received a document with all of your questions and comments from the listening sessions and what you submitted online. There were over 320 questions and comments asked and made to Bishop Swanson and/or the delegation directly. If you have specific questions for the delegation, their information is on the conference website and you can contact them here.

There were several questions and comments on Scripture and biblical interpretation. This General Conference was not called to debate whether or not homosexuality is a sin. It was called to address the ordination of self-avowed practicing homosexuals and whether ceremonies celebrating homosexual unions can be conducted by United Methodist ministers and in United Methodist churches.

There were a lot of hypothetical questions and scenarios submitted that no one can respond to until we know the outcomes. However, we will begin to address those in the March district gatherings with Bishop Swanson and some members of the delegation that will take place shortly after the conclusion of the 2019 Called Session of General Conference.

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