Plans to be Presented at the 2019 General Conference

There were almost 50 questions submitted related to the plans to be discussed during the 2019 General Conference. The Commission on a Way Forward has submitted 48 petitions. Seventy-nine additional petitions were submitted, of which 18 have been found to be invalid due to errors in formatting or failure to meet other requirements. The 61 remaining petitions are still being reviewed to determine validity in formatting. These determinations will all be reviewed by the Committee on Reference, in accordance with the Plan of Organization and Rules of Order of the General Conference.

1. What are the three plans the Commission on a Way Forward recommended to the Council of Bishops?

The three plans discussed in the final report from the Commission on a Way Forward are the One Church Plan, the Connectional Conference Plan and the Traditionalist Plan. A video describing in detail these three plans is being prepared and will be available in the near future.

2. What do the three plans entail and who makes up the Commission on A Way Forward? How were they selected?

You can read the history of the Commission on a Way Forward, the members and moderators of the commission, the missional and theological framework and the details of each plan here in their official report.

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