Next Phase

Are you feeling called to ministry? Not sure what to do next?

1.  Talk to your pastor or Wesley Foundation director.

2.  Set up an appointment with your district superintendent – ask your pastor if you aren’t sure who this person is.

3.  Plan to attend the Next Phase Retreat.

What is the Next Phase Retreat?

This retreat is put on twice a year by the Mississippi Conference department of Spiritual Leadership. Next Phase helps people discern if they are being called to work in the church or be a strong lay person in their local church. We talk about the phases of candidacy and explore the different paths you can take to serve in the church.  During the retreat, we will have a panel of people who are elders, deacons, local pastors, associate members, district superintendents and certified lay ministers. This panel will speak about each of their roles in the church, and will also be available to ask questions. All participants will be put into a peer group with a facilitator. This peer group is made up of other people in your geographic area discerning their own call. The peer group will meet a couple of times during the retreat, and then three times after the retreat. Our hope is that this retreat helps people discern, ask questions and have clarity to where God has called you.

If you have any questions please contact Rev. Trey Harper at, Rev. Pamela Cameron at, Dot Ellis at or Angela Griffin at

Click here to download the Next Phase registration form for August 9-11, 2018. The cost is $120.  

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