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We are four months into our conference-wide initiative, End Racism for Good, and we are pleased to say that nearly 300 people have participated so far in a racial healing circle across our state. In spite of the pandemic, we’ve used technology to bring people together to have real conversations on race and racism. End Racism for Good is a movement of Mississippi United Methodists who are celebrating, learning and acting until every heart, church and community is healed from the sin of racism. Racial healing circles have been valuable opportunities to learn the stories of others, to listen to the Holy Spirit, and to grow in self-awareness. As more people get vaccinated, our districts will find new opportunities to bring people together in person for these experiences. If you would like to participate in a racial healing circle, please contact your district office and let them know you’d like to be a part of the next one in your area. These circles generally last for one or two sessions. They are powerful, and you’ll make new friends across the district and across the state.

End Racism for Good also meets on Zoom every other month to celebrate United Methodists who are involved in ministries that are making an impact in our state. Last month we welcomed Brandon Jones, a United Methodist lay person who is keeping an eye on our state legislature and sharing information about bills that may have a positive or negative impact on the most vulnerable people in our state. He shared how we as United Methodists can make a difference by calling our representatives to voice our support or concerns over legislation.  

Our next Zoom lunch gathering for End Racism for Good will take place Thursday, April 15 at noon.

Click here to attend the Zoom video conference. Those joining by phone can call 1.312.626.6799.

  • Meeting ID: 895 8152 3988
  • Passcode: 510680

We will have a conversation with the leaders of the Juanita Sims Doty Foundation, an organization that advocates for and with young African American males in our state. They are doing some fascinating work! All are invited to join this movement! If you are also interested in joining a racial healing circle, make sure you contact your district office and let them know you would like to participate.   

We can all do more to create a more racially just world. In fact, it is what we promise at every baptism—”Do you renounce the spiritual forces of evil? Do you accept the freedom and power God gives you to resist evil? Do you confess Jesus Christ as your Savior?” This is surely good work that the Lord is calling us to do. Come join us!
Let’s End Racism for Good.

Rev. Bruce Case and Rev. Domini Henry
Co-Chairs of End Racism for Good 

320 Briarwood Drive
Jackson, MS 39206
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