West Park UMC's Endowment Provides Lasting Gift


By: Jennifer Allen, Communications Specialist Methodist Foundation of Mississippi

Do any of you remember West Park United Methodist Church? I feel sure many of you do not. The church closed almost 25 years ago. Here at the foundation, we remember the members, their perpetual gift to others through an endowment and we celebrate their beneficence.
West Park UMC, a church located in Jackson, Mississippi on Moss Avenue was founded in 1944 and served the members and community faithfully for 54 years. During those years the church was a hub of activity, with interesting guest speakers and services led by the young people of the church. Unfortunately, in 1998, due to diminishing membership and resources, West Park decided to close their doors. The annual conference put forth a resolution that the church be discontinued as of June 7, 1998.
West Park's congregants decided they would not end their ministry. They would not close without leaving a legacy for both young and old. In a board meeting held in lieu of Sunday School on Sunday, March 1, 1998 the remaining church members came together with the pastor, Rev. John Evans to discuss their plans regarding the closure of their church. A copy of the minutes from this meeting states,
"...funds be combined with the church's funds currently in the Methodist Foundation. Also, after the close of our church that the interest from this fund, reserving 10% to be added back to the principle, be divided equally between the ministerial students' fund managed by the Methodist Foundation, and Riggs Manor Retirement Community, 2300 Seven Springs Rd, Raymond, Ms,39154, designated for the Sunday Fund so there would always be a perpetual fund in memory of West Park United Methodist Church."
Not only has the West Park Endowment continued to bless Riggs Manor and ministerial students for the past 25 years, but because of the 10% reinvestments, it has grown, increasing the blessings the beneficiaries receive. To date, the fund has provided more than $60,000 for United Methodist students and Riggs manor over the lifetime of the endowment.

The West Park UMC Endowment will continue to provide for their chosen beneficiaries, ensuring that West Park UMC will always be remembered. Please don't hesitate to reach out to the Methodist Foundation of Mississippi if you, your church or organization would like to make provisions for your favorite ministry or ministries that will continue to be a source of funding for years to come. You can call 601.948.8845 or email Todd Marion at todd@methodistfm.org. To learn more about the Methodist Foundation of Mississippi, click here.

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