Turn Strangers Into Members and Promoters of Your Church


By Jane Massey, United Methodist Communications

Marketers talk funny.

USPs. KPIs. ROIs. Sometimes it seems as if we've slurped a giant bowl of alphabet soup over lunch. Like any industry, we have more than enough jargon.

The buzzworthy term du jour is “inbound marketing.” Let's first look at how this marketing outreach strategy came about.

Clanging cymbals make it harder to hear

Promotion used to be easy. After a message was printed and broadcast across the limited available channels, people saw or heard it and some responded.

Researchers today argue the specifics (The Myth of 5,000 Ads), but most agree that the average person today is bombarded daily by hundreds more ads and marketing messages than in previous decades.

From emails that fill your inbox to boosted posts that interrupt family photos in your Facebook feed to ads intruding the restaurant restroom stall you enter, it's hard to escape the noise … but ever so much easier (and s