Nov. and Dec. 2021 Treasurer's Notes


Conference Council on Finance and Administration

  1. Many of you have asked for the 2021 budget explanation publication. You will find that in the administry office on the website under local church. There you will also find the 2020 Treasurer’s Report.
  2. January 10, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. is when the balance is due for your 2021 mission shares. This amount will be what is counted toward our on-time payments report to the bishop and cabinet and the annual conference. 
  3. Remember that all clergy and supply pastors are required by IRS code to receive W-2 forms as well as any lay church employees (musician, nursery workers, clerical, janitorial and maintenance, etc). Be sure to timely file your 941 forms and W-2 forms.
  4. More information will be forthcoming for the statistical data report filing. Mitchell Hedgepeth will be the administry staff member assigned to that work.
  5. Don’t forget to begin to plan for your year-end audit for 2021. 

Clergy Benefits

    (a) Medical Benefits
  1. The conference board recommended to the 2021 Mississippi Annual Conference no rate increases on the active Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and HDHP plans. That was approved at conference this year.
  2. The IRS has announced the new following limits for 2022  FSA and HSA limits. If you would like to make changes on your 2022 Employee Benefits Election and change form, please submit a new form indicating that change to Shelby Penn at by November 30, 2021.  Also remember to be in contact with your church treasurer and district office to make that adjustment on your compensation package.
    • Health Care Flexible Spending Account $2,850  
    • Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account $5,000
    • Health Savings Account
      • Single Coverage $3,650
      • Family Coverage $7,300
      • $1,000 extra if you 55 or older
  3. The Guardian seems to have gotten off to a good start this year. They cover both the dental and vision plans which means you only need one card if you have coverage for both. So, you can have dental or vision or both, but to have both coverages, you must apply for both coverages on the enrollment form. 
  4. November is open enrollment for our active medical plan. You MUST complete the enrollment/change form and send to Shelby Penn at Ross & Yerger ( if you wish to enroll in any new benefit or make changes. This must be done during the month of November.  All changes will be effective January 1, 2022. 
  5. The amounts for your Health Savings Account, Medical Flexible Spending Account and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account MUST be renewed. You also do this through Shelby Penn via the enrollment/change form. Placing an amount on the Clergy Budget Compensation Form does not change anything. We must have that funding level in writing on the enrollment/change form. Listing an amount on the form does require you to work through the conference provided plan. If you have a plan through your church, do not list it on the compensation report. 
  6. For our Medicare Supplement Participants, we reduced the monthly premium for 1/01/2022 with another plan design change. This change will allow for a monthly rate decrease from $409.78 to $347.16. This is a savings of $62.62 per month or $751.44 annually per participant. To obtain this rate reduction, we will maintain the deductible of $203 for Medicare Part B (the Medicare Part B deductible increases annually and we anticipate it will increase a few dollars for 2022) and add 80/20 percent coinsurance of $500. The annual Medicare Part B deductible will count towards the $500 out of pocket maximum. The coinsurance will be paid at 20 percent until you reach $500 out of pocket. Then Medicare and the Medicare supplement plan will pay 100 percent of all Medicare Parts A and B allowable charges. For example, under a $10,000 claim covered under Medicare Part B you would pay the $203 Medicare Part B deductible and then 20 percent coinsurance until the out of pocket reaches $500. Then Medicare and the Medicare supplement plan pays 100 percent.
  7. The good news for our United Methodist retirees and spouses is we have the Shepherds Fund that will help you pay the $203 this year and the $500 dollars next year, or whatever amount you spend out of pocket. Remember this includes your Rx out of pocket copays as well. Insurance premiums are not included. Please be in contact with Rev. Andy Ray, retired clergy liaison at 662.255.5524 or

(b) Pension Benefits
  1. 2022 New Contribution limits for your UMPIP is as follows and cannot exceed the lesser of your compensation or the 2022 limit of:
    •  $20,500 if you are under age 50 with less than 15 years of service
    • $27,000 (includes $6,500 “catch-up” contribution) if you will be 50 or older by December 31, 2021
  2. The benefits officer strongly advises you to check your record with Wespath annually. You can do this through Benefits Access online at Now would be a good time to do that as a way of seeing what the church has provided for you. Remember the pension program seeks to care for those who care for others.
  3. The clergy budget compensation report is now totally automated in the brown, green and blue blocks when you enter the figures and answer a few questions. On the second page is the computation of the Direct Invoice. This will assist your finance committee in their budget work for 2022.
  4. Be sure to answer all questions regarding line 7 conference number, line 8 GCFA number, line 12 regarding the reimbursement expense plan, line 31 living in a parsonage and time served status. Line 31 will be the same for all the churches you serve. Also, clergy couples will answer line 31 regarding living in a parsonage the same way. It does not matter which parsonage you live in. It is imperative to answer the questions to get the correct automated amounts. 
  5. There is no need to contact Wespath to change the amount you will be placing in your UMPIP for 2022. We will pick that up from line 16 and you can only enter an amount in one church column. 
  6. You also can only enter your medical premiums and HSA, and Medical/Dependent care FSA under one church column. These are on lines 20-23. 
  7. Pensions and medical payments do not have to be under the same church, but all medical does have to be under the same church.

Conference Trustees

  1. We are currently working on the property and casualty renewal. We do not have any indication of the premiums for next year. Our plan is to have those numbers for you by the end of November. 
  2.  Please keep up with the building inspections and be sure to handle all of the deferred maintenance items. Insurance is for large claims not problems caused by deferred maintenance.
  3. MinistrySafe is an excellent program. I hope all of your youth and children leaders/teachers whether compensated or not have had an opportunity to view the course. It is excellent.
  4. Be sure to have a Building Use Agreement with any organization outside of church groups (UMM, UWW, UMFY, Sunday School etc.) using your property. One can be found on the administry page of the website under trustees

Archives and History Commission

  1. A subcommittee of the commission is working on the Foster House project in the Brookhaven District. This is the historic structure where the first annual conference to establish Methodism was held in 1813. More to come at the 2022 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference about the proposed restoration of the property where this birthplace of the Methodists may be remembered.  Also, watch for how you can be a part of this work financially. 
  2. Have you considered applying for the historic United Methodist designation for your church? Contact the J.B. Cain Archives at Millsaps College for more information. 

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