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There are two resources that we want to be sure each of you are aware of and hope you will take advantage of offered by and through Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (MLH):

  1. Methodist Healthcare Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a designated provider of counseling support for all Mississippi Annual Conference clergy and their household members. This service is available to you as a benefit, totally free and totally confidential, and sessions with a professional EAP counselor can be arranged for in-person or online formats. We all have a story to tell and reaching out to an EAP counselor can be a needed avenue to support, well-being, self-care and growth. We also have a program called the Living Well Network that can assess and refer any community member (not just clergy) to mental health resources, also for free and in total confidentiality. To find out more about the EAP or the Living Well Network, please reach out to them at 901.683.5658.
  2. We partner with congregations to better serve communities through our Congregational Health Network (CHN), an innovative partnership between MLH and churches where we facilitate health awareness, education and intervention programs. Pastors and volunteer liaisons connect to the network through the work of dedicated CHN Navigators. Our navigator for the Mississippi Annual Conference is Jennifer Garrott, wife of Rev. John Garrott, and Jennifer would be happy to connect with any of you about ways that MLH can support you or partner with your ministries. Jennifer can also tell you about the many programs offered by CHN, including educational vehicles, some of which are available online to anyone across the state. For example, we are starting a new monthly education series on cancer prevention and awareness this month. We have others coming soon on mental health and mindfulness. Please feel free to reach out to Jennifer for more information at
Of course, MLH is also committed to caring for your physical health. Families located near the Memphis and North Mississippi areas will have the easiest access to our clinical locations, but we also have a Le Bonheur children’s clinic Tupelo, and we serve the greater Mid-South area with patients from miles around. As a reminder, United Methodist clergy and their dependents are eligible for a discount on all services billed by MLH, including our hospital services, physician office visits, outpatient therapy and diagnostic services and more. For more information on the discount and how that is applied, please reach out to

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