Reflections A Member vs. A Christian


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: September 9, 2021 

 Grace and peace,
Do you know the difference between a member and a Christian that has committed to a life of discipleship? A disciple is continuously committing to growing in Christ and leaving elements of their life that do not support their walk with Christ behind.
It is great to be a member of a faith community, but know that you are called even higher to be a disciple. Take some time today to reflect on your thoughts and actions and determine if they are more aligned to being a member, or the call to imitate Christ and be a disciple.
Click on the image below, watch this video and join me today in reserving some quiet time to reflect on what insights and direction God’s word can offer us. 
‘Reflections,' a vlog set to air every two weeks, is an opportunity to commit to regular devotion and discernment on how we can grow as disciples. 

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