Post-retirement Health Legislation to be Discussed at Upcoming District Listening Sessions


During the 2017 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference, it was announced that the board of medical benefits will be conducting listening sessions for important legislation coming to the 2018 annual conference session. The subject will be the study of the post-retirement health benefit available to clergy and lay employees who participate in the conference health plan and the related cost that is included in the mission shares and in the board of medical benefits budget. Following are other concepts that will be shared:

  • If the benefit is terminated, what future date should this occur? By setting a date in the future, participants who are nearing retirement and have planned on this credit being a part of their retirement package can make necessary decisions.
  • How much additional funding if any, in future years will have to be collected so that the decreasing retiree subsidy amounts can be funded out of the reserves on hand? 
  • How can we help the participants who actually lose the benefit make provisions for the loss of this amount in their future retirement?
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