Conference Treasurer's Notes: February



Thank you so much for your generosity in 2021. You generously supported the mission work of the annual conference ministries. The ministries are the hand and feet of Jesus and the local churches put the fuel in their “tanks” so that the mission could continue. Every line item increased in 2021. Our payout rate was up 1.9 percent in 2021.

The year 2022 has a good start also. Compared to 2021, again, you contributed generously to the mission ahead of what you did in 2021. The increase was a quarter of one percent.  THANK YOU very much.


We are so pleased to have gotten a decrease in the premium rates of the conference-wide insurance program of over four percent across the board. Our policy is written through Guide One which is a company that specializes in churches coverages. Remember that you can save $10 per month if you will let us begin to draft your account. You will also save the trouble of writing, signing and mailing a check!

To help preserve these good rates and be better stewards of God’s property, please keep up your routine maintenance. Do property inspections often so that hazards and claims don’t sneak up on you!

It is very import for liability reasons that you review your safe sanctuaries program. Also, our insurance is providing Ministry Safe to ALL churches. We will be presenting comprehensive information on these two programs. Please watch for it and plan to participate in it. 

Coming out of the Boy Scout work this fall was facilities use agreement recommendations from your conference trustees. You will need to begin to have a facilities use agreement (formal and in writing) with every user of your property that is not a ministry under the control of the governing body of your church. You will find the information on the conference website. You will also need to report this in the 2022 fall church conference forms.      


It is that time of year when the local church finance committee must meet its requirement for the audit of the local church. On the conference website is all the information you will need to complete this work on this page under the session titled, “Audit of Local Church.” 

There you will find the spreadsheet that determines the type of audit you must have and the audit guidelines. Remember this must be completed by June 30 of this year. For the 2021 year, you will submit it to the finance committee of your district through your district superintendent’s office after sharing it with your governing body of the church. 


Please be certain that you have given your appointed clergy a W-2 form. This is not option, and a 1099 NEC is not appropriate. The W-2 is an IRS requirement. 

Also remember that subcontractors will be getting the IRS Form 1099 NEC, which is new this year. These are for those workers that are not employees for which the pastor parish relations committee (PPRC) has no authority over. 

Another year-end report now due is your statistical data report. I understand over 90 percent complied by the due date of January 31. If you are one of those, THANK YOU so very much. If you have not submitted your forms and data, please call your district statistician, and get this done as soon as you can.

Thanks to you for all your work in the administry arena. God has gifted you the ability to do that work. Use those gifts and glorify our God! If you need our assistance, give us a call. 


Your Conference Treasurer and Administry Staff

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