Conference Treasurers Notes


Conference Treasurer’s Notes
Greetings Friends!  I have a lot to share with you as we begin the first quarter of 2022. The administry department (ministry of administration) has been busy closing out one year and moving into another one. I know you have been doing the same. I hope the following information is helpful to you.
Opportunity for savings:

  1. If you have not already done so, you may want to consider setting up a draft (ACH) for your direct invoice. You will save $10 monthly and you will no longer have to write a check or buy a stamp. Give Jackie a call at 769.243.7022 or email her at to get the details of setting up this draft.
  2. When the pastor does a salary reduction for their medical premiums, you must send that payment direct to us. The pastor cannot have control of the funds. If you give the check to the pastor, it becomes income and has to be placed on the W-2 form.  The pastor is able to save money when the premiums are paid by draft and the church saves in check writing and stamps.  Give Jackie a call at 769.243.7022 or email her at  to get the details of setting up this draft.
  3. If you are a participant in the conference-owned property and casualty insurance program administered by A J Gallagher, you can save $10 per month on the premium by setting up a draft. Give Bernice a call at 769.243.7025 or email her at  to get the details of setting up this draft.  Another way to get the savings is to pay the insurance premium in full in January. You will find the dollar amount of the annual premium in the upper right-hand corner of the invoice that you should have received by now.  Simply reduce the amount by $120 and mail the check before January 31, 2022.
  4. We also have some churches that are paying their mission shares by draft (ACH). That saves writing checks and buying a stamp. You can set up 1/12 of the amount or another amount you would like to have drafted each month and advise Laura how you would like it posted monthly.  If you are interested in this process, give Laura a call at 769.243.7024 or email her at to get the details of setting up this draft.
Board of Trustees
  1. Every board of trustees must meet in January of each year according to The Discipline. Please be sure that you get this organizational meeting set up, you train the new incoming members, and you begin your work of caring for God’s house making it safe for all participants and beautiful to honor God. 
  2.  Please keep up with the building inspections and be sure to handle all of the deferred maintenance items. Insurance is for large claims not problems caused by deferred maintenance.
  3. Ministry Safe is an excellent program. I hope all of your youth and children’s leaders/teachers whether compensated or not, have had an opportunity to view the course. It is excellent.
  4. In light of the developments of the Boy Scout abuse situation where many churches have been named in legal actions, please be sure you have in writing facilities use agreements with all that utilize your property. The conference trustees have developed a format that we want every church to use when a group that is not a part (those who are not controlled by the administrative council or equivalent) of the local church. This document must be completed prior to the first meeting of an outside group and as soon as possible for any outside group with existing approval to utilize your property. All new, renewed and existing facilities use agreements must be placed on file in the church office. Pastors will be asked to report who has entered into facilities use agreement at charge conference. In an effort to aid risk management as it pertains to liability, we strongly recommend that United Methodist entities within the bounds of the Mississippi Conference—such as camps and communities centers—utilize the facility use agreement as well.
Council on Finance and Administration
  1. Thank you for your continued generosity in paying your mission shares. This is how we reach outside of our local church and become the hands and feet of Jesus through our conference mission share agencies.
  2. UMCOR and the people of The United Methodist Church continue to bless us with funds to do recovery work from catastrophic events. 
  3. We released the first notice of 2022 mission shares for your remittance. If you have not received them, please give Laura a call at 769.243.7024 or email her at
  4. January 10, 2022, at 5:00 p.m. when the balance was due for your 2021 mission shares has come and gone.  At the writing of this article, we are thrilled to report we broke 80 percent in the initial tally for conference mission shares and 93 percent for district mission shares.  Both of these preliminary numbers are up from last year. We will continue to count the last ones that walked in the door last evening and announce where we ended up for the official year later on January 11. 
  5. There always has to be a deadline because we must get the funds into the hands of the ministry centers you are supporting.  But, if you failed to get your funds in, send them on and we will add your money, forward those funds to the mission center and make the final report at annual conference in July.    
  6. Remember that all clergy and supply pastors are required by IRS code to receive W-2 forms as well as any lay church employees (musician, nursery workers, clerical, janitorial and maintenance, etc.).  Be sure to timely file your 941 forms and W-2 forms.
  7. Please be sure to complete your statistical report soon. It is due by January 31, 2022.  Call your district statistician if you need assistance. As of today, 4 percent of the churches have completed their stats and 9 percent have started the reporting but have not completed it.  87 percent have not started at all.  Congratulations to East and West Jackson and statistician B. B. Watson who has 10 percent of the churches completed in each district. 
  8. Don’t forget to begin to plan for your year-end audit for 2021. 
Conference Council on Finance and Administration and Trustees
I am certain you have heard in the general news media that The United Methodist Church has reached a settlement on the Boy Scouts bankruptcy, both for the healing of the survivors and the financial aspect.  Thank you to the charge conferences for getting the authority to the church Trustees to handle the legal matters of the bankruptcy. Special thanks to those 80 churches who had filed claims with the courts who were entitled to vote in the initial work. If you were entitled to vote because you filed a claim in 2020, but did not get your vote in, please contact me. As the trustees and CFA complete their work on the settlement, you can expect to hear more before month end.  
Also, please continue your work with the scouting units as previously advised through March 31, 2022.  That did not change. Before that date you should hear how we will be going forward as the United Methodist Denomination as we continue to work with the excellent program of scouting. 
I certainly pray you and yours are well and safe. Please be sure to get your COVID vaccination, boosters and flu shots. I want you to be a part of protecting others first and yourself. This pandemic has got to go away so that we can return to doing the ministry God has called us to do. I have gotten all my vaccinations, booster, flu and shingles shot. Let’s stay well and healthy so we can hear and follow God’s call.
As always, it is our pleasure to serve you in our administry work together. Please feel free to call anyone of us in the administry department. We are here to assist you.
Blessings these days! 

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