Celebrate UMCOR's 75th Year


For more than 50 years, United Methodist congregations have been taking part in a special One Great Hour of Sharing offering, laying the foundation for United Methodist Committee on Relief’s (UMCOR’s) ministry of relief and hope.

UMCOR Pastor’s Kit

Pastor's Toolkit can help spread the word about the importance of the 2015 One Great Hour of Sharing.

In 2015, UMCOR is celebrating 75 years of being with those in crisis around the world. The day of celebration will take place on One Great Hour of Sharing Special Sunday, March 15, 2015.

One Great Hour of Sharing calls United Methodists to share the goodness of life with those who hurt. The offering provides administrative support for UMCOR as it responds to disaster survivors and people in need around the world.

Donations through this offering, along with other undesignated gifts made throughout the year, cover UMCOR’s costs of doing business. Gifts like yours make it possible for UMCOR to use 100% of all other contributions on the projects its donors specify, instead of on administrative or fundraising costs.

Help ensure another 75 years by using the following resources to promote One Great Hour of Sharing. More will be added as March 15 approaches.


Resources such as bulletin inserts, posters and more are available at umcgiving.org.

One Great Hour of Sharing

UMCOR does not receive United Methodist World Service or apportionment funds, so without these designated offerings, UMCOR would not exist.

Because UMCOR keeps operating costs under 10% of its total budget, undesignated gifts may actually exceed UMCOR’s administrative needs. When that happens, financial support is channeled to under-funded programs, where they’re most needed. They also may be used to allow UMCOR to respond to disasters immediately after an event and before funds can be raised.

Most congregations celebrate One Great Hour of Sharing on the fourth Sunday of Lent. If this conflicts with other events, local churches are encouraged to choose other dates that work for them.

Because of your donation today, UMCOR is ready to respond in times of crisis.