Company for the Holidays


By Rev. Mike Hicks, Executive Director of the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation 
Rev. Mike Hicks 

Are you planning for company to come during Christmas? Think about all of the things you do to make company feel welcome in your homes. Food is prepared, linens are freshened, and plans are made that center around the company. The same should be happening in our churches.

The focus needs to move from hosts to guests. Look at your facilities through the eyes of an outsider. Are the bathrooms clean and well supplied? If there is a nursery, is it clean and inviting to children in the 21st Century? Do the grounds of the church look inviting? This is the easy part.

The next step is to get members to actually treat visitors like company. This means talking to visitors, inviting them to sit with them, and introducing them to others. Making visitors into company, means getting them the correct hymnal to use, a bulletin and explaining anything out of the ordinary that will be happening in the service.

It is not too late to get ready.