Protecting Our Churches: Preparing Your Church for Winter


Winter is just around the corner, and it is time to prepare your facilities from winter damage. By being proactive about preparing your facilities for the winter months, your chances of suffering a loss are reduced. Consider these tips when it comes to winter maintenance inside and outside your facility:
Heating System
  • Have your heating system serviced by a licensed heating contractor to ensure proper operation.
  • Check furnace filters monthly and replace every three months.
  • Keep combustible material at a minimum 36 inches from heating units.
Frozen Pipes
  • Identify the main water shut off valve in your building. If a leak or pipe burst would occur, quick access to this valve will minimize water damage.
  • Wrap any water pipes that are exposed to freezing temperatures and cold drafts, and those located in unheated or non-insulated areas, with pipe insulation.
  • Close windows near water pipes and cover open-air vents. Freezing temperatures and wind drafts can cause pipes to freeze more frequently.
  • If your building has any exterior faucets or a lawn-irrigation system, it is important to see that those water pipes are drained and disconnected from any hoses prior to the winter freeze.
  • During extremely cold weather, turn faucets to a slow drip in order to reduce the chance of the pipe freezing.
  • If a pipe freezes or bursts, contact a licensed plumbing contractor as soon as possible.
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