Youth "UNASHAMED" Turnout for Day of Workshops


Tamica Smith-Jeuitt, Sr. Communications Specialist, Mississippi Conference      
Photo right: Former Miss Mississippi Kimberly Morgan-Myles is having fun with a few youth participants after talking with them about waiting for God.
Dressed in lively orange t-shirts, youth from across the Mississippi Conference spent the day together at Brandon First UMC in Brandon, Mississippi. One word printed on the back of their shirt summed up their purpose -- UNASHAMED.
A number of presenters delivered powerful messages that centered on living boldly for Christ. Visual components, grasping recordings and rap songs, all referencing scripture helped drive home the message. Several speakers shared testimonies of their lives when they were the ages of their young audience. Bernice Sykes, who organized the grouping which was in conjunction with the Mississippi Conference Annual Convocation on the Black Church expressed her gratitude for the diversity.
"These youth epitomize what UNASHAMED means. This is to glorify God unashamedly with their peers regardless of the color of their skin or ethnicity," said Sykes.
Sykes also adds that one of the young participants made an impression that has her thinking ahead for next year's youth day.
"She asked if she could be a participant next year and that she wanted to share something with me.  However, she stated she needed to speak with her parents first. She told me she really enjoyed herself and the fellowship with other youth," said Sykes.     

Pictures from the event "UNASHAMED -- Youth Living Boldly for Christ can be viewed here on flickr.   Roughly 150 youth attended.
Presenting to the youth  were Rev. Kordell Sims (White Oak UMC), Minister DeNondrea Sims (White Oak UMC), Mike Howington (Mississippi Conference youth and family ministry coordinator), Rev. Bowen Bridges (Senatobia First UMC), Rev. Sapada Thomas (Tupelo First UMC), Rev. Kim Parker (St. Matthews UMC), Rev. Ben Northcutt (Crawford UMC), Rev.  Al Cherry (Monroe, Louisiana), Tiffany Lipcomb (Evergreen UMC) and former Miss Mississippi 2007, Kimberly Morgan-Myles.