Children’s Sabbath Time of Commitment


The United Methodist Church has designated the second weekend of October (Oct. 10-12) as Children's Sabbath. The national observance is sponsored by the Children's Defense Fund, It encourages congregations to "renew and live out their moral responsibility to care, protect and advocate for all children." It differs from the Children's Sunday when the focus is on children in the congregation.

Here are some ideas for celebrating this special day.

1. Ask on-site childcare, Head Start and school staff, administrators, parents and children to attend worship.

2. Collect an offering for local children in particular circumstances (for example, children whose parents are incarcerated).

3. Decorate the sanctuary with images and materials that focus on children and justice.

4. Share a special litany ( and ask a blessing on children.

5. Involve children and youth in planning and leading the Children's Sabbath.

Adapted from the websites of the General Board of Church and Society,, and the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry,