Making the Connection -- Conference Lay Leader Meets General Secretary


Photo right: Timothy Crisler and Bishop Ivan Abrams met in early August.
Timothy Crisler, the Mississippi Conference lay leader, was pictured earlier this month with Bishop Ivan Abrams, general secretary for World Methodist Council. The pair met during the conference "A Call to United Methodist Walking with Palestinian Christians for Holy Justice and Peace." The gathering was held in Dayton, Ohio. Hundreds of United Methodists attended from around the connection. Crisler shared that Abrams reminded participants that the Old Testament calls them to pray for peace in Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), a city sacred to three religions and that unfortunately this reverence has been shattered by the events unfolding there.
The goal of the event was to employ prayer, fellowship and study to enable United Methodists in partnership with Palestinian Christians to seek to put God's call to love all our neighbors into action for justice and peace.