The POWER of We -- An Inspiration for Song


By Tamica Smith-Jeuitt, Sr. Communications Specialist

As a songwriter Rev. David Schultz said he is always looking for ideas and inspiration. One of his latest songs transpired after attending a Residency in Ministry (RIM) meeting during the spring of 2013. While there, Bishop James Swanson, Sr., shared his vision around the Mississippi Conference theme "The POWER of We," the message literally struck a chord with Schultz, a guitarist.


"The idea of this power from God that we all share in was inspiring. By the time I drove home, the chorus of the song had developed in my mind," said Schultz.


He estimates it took 10 months to fully develop the song and the words. He even explored more deeply the conference's Core Values of love, generosity, justice and apprenticeship during the annual conference 2013 session, which helped in writing the song verses.


In the past, Schultz said he would sing his songs from the pulpit, but this one was different, so he contacted Rev. Dr. Connie Shelton, the director of connectional ministries and communications for the Mississippi Conference who was immediately excited about the song.


"Sure, I could preach 'The POWER of We,' however, it needed a broader audience. It is the conference theme and the conference needed to hear it. She (Shelton) wanted to use it for the 2014 annual conference session and had this idea that it needed an eclectic group to sing it."


Eventually, the song came together with music and lyrics that was performed by Schultz and his friends Rev. Paula Milo-Moultrie, Rev. Amy Roller and Michael Brown at the 2014 Session of the Mississippi Annual Conference on Saturday, June 7, 2014.


"I was very proud of the group that we had to present the song. Paula, Amy and Michael, all shared the idea of "The POWER of We" through song in an awesome way. We've got the power!"     


To watch Schultz and his friends perform The POWER of We song, click here. For the music and lyrics to The POWER of We song, click here.


United Methodist choirs, individuals and musicians are invited to share their rendition of The POWER of We. Email video and audio clips to Performances could appear on the conference's Faceook page and YouTube channel.

Photo right: Rev. Amy Roller, Rev. David Schultz and Rev. Paula Milo-Moultrie during one of their rehearsals before introducing The POWER of We song.