Scarborough Retires From the Methodist Foundation



Martha Scarborough, executive director of the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation, retired April 25, 2014. She served the foundation for six years as the associate director and then as executive director for the past seven years. Scarborough's excellent leadership built upon the legacy of the previous two directors, Willard Leggett and Jerry Mitchell. Many will recall that Scarborough also served as the treasurer of the former North Mississippi Annual Conference and the newly formed Mississippi Annual Conference for many years. She tirelessly served The United Methodist Church through the conference and the foundation.


Her replacement, Rev. Mike Hicks expressed that he was honored to be named the new executive director by the foundation board of directors. He is supported by the new associate director/CFO, Mary Lee Reed, along with Billie Spraberry, treasurer and Cheryl Webb, administrative assistant.

"We want to be a part of your ministry. Call us, email us or visit us in person to see how we can enhance your ability to make disciples of Jesus Christ." said Hicks.


To contact the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation call1.800.496.0975 or 601.948.8845.

Photo right: Martha Scarborough clutches a tissue while speaking to guests attending a retirement gathering in her honor April 2014.

Photo Left: Following retirement Martha Scarborough will be spending more time making jewelry.