New Rio Texas Conference OKs Organizational Plan


 Special Called Annual Conference Session - February 8, 2014

The Río Grande and Southwest Texas Conference approved Feb. 8, by an overwhelming majority in both conferences, what Bishop Jim Dorff called “the beginning organizational plan of the Río Texas Conference,” all delegates closing the decision with a standing ovation.

Rev. Robert Lopez and Byrd Bonner

The Rev. Robert Lopez and Byrd Bonner, co-chairs of the Unification Implementation Team (UIT), presented the preliminary plan, which members have worked on since the Jurisdictional Conference approved in 2012 the two conferences pursuing unification, to delegates during the special session. 

“We claim to you and with you that this is a journey,” Bonner said. “Today is but one stop on the journey.” 


Bishop Dorff and Bishop Martinez

The Río Grande and Southwest Texas Conference will meet jointly again during the 2014 annual conference session, when more details about the new conference structure will be considered. 

The Río Texas Conference then will meet every year for its annual session, continuing to refine the conference structure. 

“We meet every year to perfect this,” Dorff said. 
Joint strength 

Lopez said that the strength of this organizational report is “that it brings us together.” 

“We know this is just one step in a very long journey,” Lopez said. “Coming together is a good thing. It is a good witness to the larger community. I believe it’s a godly thing. 

“We are better together. We all have a common vision. When folks get around a vision and do so passionately, it tends to unite.”

To view the entire report that was voted on please GO HERE

Rev. Robert Lopez and praise band