Legacy of Love


By Cynthia Laird, Senatobia District Communicator

March 16, 2013 – Batesville First United Methodist Church hosted a joyful celebration of the Greenwood and Senatobia districts’ United Methodist Women (UMW) missions. Rev. Ed Temple made his way through the crowd, welcoming us to Batesville First UMC. The opening hymn, “Hymn of Promise,” was a reminder of the transformation Jesus brings to each of us who trust and follow Him. It also brought to mind how UMW’s ministry with the Methodist Children’s Homes works to transform the lives of the children in their care.

Rev. Ed Woodall, associate pastor of Batesville First UMC, told us about some of the accomplishments of Becky H. Dotson, our speaker. She is President and CEO of the United Methodist Ministry with Children and Families, Inc. Dotson is a graduate of Indianola Academy and received her Bachelor’s degree in Business from Belhaven College. She has more than 20 years of experience working with youth organizations and advocating for the rights of abused and neglected children. Woodall then announced that Becky would be leaving to serve in the ministry of the Florida United Methodist Children's Home. Her work there will begin June 1, 2013.

Although Becky’s background is in accounting and business, she felt the Lord’s call to use these abilities in His service. She understood that the Lord had special work for her and she has combined her passion for helping children with her business insight to advance the cause of these children. She made the commitment to be the voice of those who had no voice. She has worked to provide opportunities for these children, and she has loved them. Becky and others in the Methodist Children’s Homes have been showing their love in words and deeds, trying to mend broken hearts and shattered lives. She asks you to continue to give to this ministry, and she also requests your prayers. Please pray that the children will come to know Jesus; that God will provide a forever family for these children; that siblings will be able to stay together; that their deep hurts will be healed; and that their lives and hearts will be transformed so that they can one day forgive those who have harmed them.

We thank Becky for her years of dedication and service, and we pray for her new ministry in Florida. Let us also pray that the Lord will guide the Methodist leadership to find the right person to carry on the work--Becky’s legacy of love--for the children.

If you or your church mission group would like to learn more about volunteer opportunities or if you would like to make a financial contribution, the Methodist Children’s Home website is www.mchms.org. You may also call 601-853-5000 to learn about ways you can become involved with this ministry.