2020 Ad Interim AC Session Proposed Action Items


  1. Disposition of Resolutions #3, #4, #5 and #6 to be formatted as needed to be forward by the secretary of the annual conference, in communication with the authors, to the postponed 2020 Session of the General Conference as directed in Emergency Rule 28. (Pre-conference Journal 124-129, 143)
    • Petition #3 On Human Sexuality (Subtitled: Petition Concerning the Practice of Homosexuality)
    • Petition #4 to Merge Western Jurisdiction into South Central Jurisdiction
    • Petition #5 to Require General Conference Ratification of Bishops
    • Petition #6 to Discontinue Karen Oliveto as a Bishop of The UMC
  2. Consent Calendar
  • Section I: Leadership: Includes annual conference nominations, as well as ratification of boards and agencies
  • Section II: Administry
    • Report of the Board of Trustees with the exception of the Disaffiliation Vote
    • Report of the Board of Pensions
    • Report of the Board of Medical Benefits
    • Archives and History
  • Section III: Connectional Ministry Updates
    • All reports
  • Section IV: Spiritual Leadership
    • All reports
    • Report of the Commission on Equitable Compensation
  • Section V: Episcopal Office
    • All reports
  • Section VI: Other Reports
    • To be submitted for the record
  • Section VII: Resolutions and Petitions
    • Petition #1: Dinas Prayer Petition
    • Petition #2: Housing/Rental Allowance for Retired and Disabled Ministers
       3. Standing Rules Report referenced in pages 144-146 of the Pre-conference Journal
       4. Disaffiliation votes 
       5. CFA Reports and 2021 Budget referenced in pages 31-46 of the Pre-conference Journal
       6. Dean of the Cabinet Report referenced in pages 129-139 of the Pre-conference Journal

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