Society of St. Andrew to Benefit from Kroger


 By Tamica Smith-Jeuitt, Senior Communication Specialist

Your next trip to a Kroger grocery store could help the Mississippi unit of the Society of St. Andrew in its mission to Kroger Rewardsfeed the hungry.   Recently, Society of St. Andrew became partners of the Kroger Community Rewards Program. Now, each time you shop at Kroger and use your Kroger Plus Card a percentage of your purchase will support the hunger-relief ministry.


For example, the Society of St. Andrew will collect 2% from purchases ranging $200 to $350.


Laura Sappington, the development coordinator for the Society of St. Andrew read about the rewards program and contacted Kroger. She said every dollar helps and she was thrilled to find out Kroger had approved their application.


"I was so excited. I was jumping up and down and I am really looking forward to this possibility to feed more people," she said.


The United Methodist Church is a partner of Society of St. Andrew with several of its local churches giving their time and monetary gifts through the Advance Special to the

A volunteer takes a moment to smile for the camera during a gleaning.

operation.   In 2012, approximately 1,600 Mississippi volunteers had a hand in providing around 9 million pounds of produce, contributing to the 3.2 million pounds that Society of St. Andrew distributes nationwide. An organization like the Mississippi Food Network which serves around 415 agencies across the state have received resources from the Society of St. Andrew.


"Working with Society of St. Andrew has been a benefit to our organization providing fresh produce to our member agencies and their clients.  We like to have fresh produce as a healthy option in our fight against food insecurity.  We have been working with Society of St. Andrew for several years and are glad to have this partnership," said Marilyn Blackledge, director of external affairs for the Mississippi Food Network.


People with Kroger cards who want to help must register their cards online at to give. Those who do not have a Kroger card can get one at the customer service desk at any Kroger.


Society of St. Andrew will not have access to any purchases or information through this activity.   They will receive a check each quarter from Kroger depending on the amount of purchases made by those who have linked their cards to the organization.  


The Society of St. Andrew was formed in 1979 as an intentional community of two families called to life and ministry together. It has grown into an ecumenical, non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to leading others into lives of faithful community and service.


There is always a need for volunteers to help glean crops and for farmers who will donate their leftover produce. For more information about the Society of St. Andrew and the Kroger partnership click here.


You can also contact development coordinator, Laura Sappington at 601-850-4018 or