Cross-Racial Appointment, First for Price


By Cynthia Dilworth, Meridian District Secretary


Haven Chapel United Methodist Church in Meridian, a predominately African American congregation, warmly welcomed their new pastor, Rev. Kathy Price, who is white, to the pulpit Sunday, June 23. Although Haven Chapel has

Rev. Kathy Price 
had the experience before with Rev. Harold Robinson, this
 was the first cross-racial appointment for Price. The liturgist for the service was Christopher Cross, youngest son of Haven Chapel's former pastor 
and now district superintendent of the Hattiesburg District, Rev. Cynthia Cross. After a spirit-filled song from the choir, Price was introduced and presented a gift from the church by lay leader, Carol Smith.  


Price said she considered herself a guest that day, but is looking forward to helping the church move forward and fulfill their vision, knowing that God has a plan for them.  She started off by having everyone close their eyes and take deep breaths and relax in the Lord.  She then took the time to recognize the leadership of the church vowing the 'POWER of We' in unity and partnership.


Price calls Haven Chapel 
congregation to the altar.
Price has come a long way from preaching to her dolls on Sundays as a child. She is truly committed to Wesleyan theology.


"What John Wesley believed about social conditions is appropriate for where we are right now in 2013," stated Price.  "Wesley's ideas match the gospel calling upon every church's life."


With that, she let the congregation know that she is there for them to bring their burdens right to the altar to be anointed and prayed for so they can be empowered to go out into the world to be ministers of the Gospel.


In addition to being newly appointed to Haven Chapel, Price is co-chair along with Rev. Stephen Cook, of the Mississippi Conference's Commission on Religion and Race. The goal of the commission is "to assist our agencies, connectional ministries, and other church structures, insuring full and equal participation of all racial and ethnic constituencies in the total life and mission of the whole church."


In closing the service, Price invited the congregation to join her at the altar to accompany her in this new beginning and embrace the 'POWER of We.'  The entire congregation gathered and held hands as Price prayed and affirmed them to go forward, transform lives and make disciples for the kingdom.


After service, Price explained that it has long been her desire to have a multi-cultural ministry.  She said that she is excited about her appointment to Haven Chapel and gave tribute to those pastors, Cross, Robinson and (Tim) Thompson, who have gone before her. "There will be a revival at Haven Chapel every Sunday," said Price.