'The POWER of We' You Don't See


By Jasmine Haynes, Web and Social Media Specialist
The 2013 Mississippi Annual Conference received several accolades, and the conference staff and countless volunteers are already beginning to plan for next year's event.  Fittingly themed, 'The POWER of We,' the conference allowed those in 
Marecle crew
Darrell Marecle pictured in the far right in a blue shirt and jeans with his production crew captured backstage during this year's annual conference.
attendance to participate in the inspiring corporate worship and hear compelling stories of hope and healing, but few people hear about the intricate teamwork  needed behind the scenes to create the finished product.   Darrell Marecle, the production consultant for several United Methodist houses of worship and owner of MRI Productions, has provided the Mississippi Annual Conference audio, visual and lighting needs for the last 15 years.  He shared that the major factors of a successful conference are the various collective efforts that occur backstage.   
"Things don't just happen, they require a lot of organization,"
 said Marecle.  "From the person that makes sure Bishop Swanson has a microphone, to the person making sure that the computers used on stage are wired properly--we are all connected and everybody is serving together to make annual conference run smoothly."

Members of the Commission on Communication and other 
Special Edition Circuit Rider contributors began researching their stories more than a month
From left are volunteer writers for the Annual Conference Special Edition Circuit Rider, Vicki Landrum, Renelda Owen, Jeff Virgil II, Cynthia Laird and Cheryl Farr. Not pictured are Chris Blount, Stephen Sparks, Heather Truett, Paige Swaim-Presley, Rashida Redmond and Susannah Carr. 
 before the June 6 kick-off and worked diligently to interview their sources and meet pressing deadlines.

After contributing reporters submitted their stories to conference communication staff, they were sent to graphics and layout designer, Cindy 
Cindy Clark
Cindy Clark 
Clark who has worked for the Mississippi Conference for the past 15 years.  She produced the Special Edition Circuit Rider and also many of the graphics used in 'The POWER of We' printed materials and other visuals.

Persons involved in conference production and photography 
average 15-hour days during the four-day
Anthony Thaxton
Anthony Thaxton 
event and countless hours of pre-production. Anthony Thaxton as videographer has produced many of the videos for the conference over the years.  His work includes this year's DVD on "The POWER of We."

Marecle explained that there are many memorable moments within those longs days like one he will never forget--the year the conference ordained a dog.
"There was a gentleman being ordained who was vision impaired and he had a guide dog, so they ordained the dog also, which I thought was very interesting," said Marecle.
Wells United Methodist Church member, Greg Campbell has 35 years of experience as a professional photographer and 
Greg Campbell
Greg Campbell
has been the annual conference photographer for the last five years.  Campbell was also the conference photographer when all the Mississippi conferences merged 25 years ago.  He explained that his career in photography is not only his ministry, but it also allows him to be ministered to during annual conference.
"It is a lot of work but it is nice to be able to worship when I get a break, and there are times when it's hard not to worship and I get caught up in the moment," said Campbell.
Although this year's annual conference ended less than two weeks ago, planning will prayerfully begin in early July for the 2014 Mississippi Annual Conference.
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