MS Youth Make Connections at 2013 NEXUS


 By Hannah Nolan, Youth Contributing Writer

For those who are unfamiliar with NEXUS, it is the Mississippi Annual Youth Conference. It takes place in Jackson during the Mississippi Annual Conference of The United Methodist Church. NEXUS allows students from all over the state to meet
new people, to hang out and to worship God.

The 2013 NEXUS gathering began Saturday, June 8 at 9:00 a.m. when NEXUS participants prayed for those involved in NEXUS and annual conference. After that everyone headed upstairs for announcements, icebreakers, games and lunch before going to worship.Christian rapper LP—also known as Like Paul—was the first to the stage.   LP rapped a few songs before telling the audience about his past and his walk 
with Christ. LP also talked about how the church could better serve Christ and shared some thoughts about being a part of worship at the youth conference event.

“I thought NEXUS was phenomenal,” said LP. “It was a great opportunity to be a blessing to young people, to encourage and stir them up and make them more on fire for Christ.”

Next, Christian band Stereo Radio performed some of their songs and talked about their faith. They also shared that NEXUS was a unique event in comparison to other annual conferences.

“Typically, annual conference is only associated with ministers—at least in our conference—so the fact that you all have found a way to include the youth is awesome,” explained a member of Stereo Radio.

Finally, Mississippi Conference youth and family coordinator, Mike Howington came to the stage and preached about the connections that all Christian’s should desire. Howington said that it is good to have relationships with people, but only if your relationship with God comes first. 

Everyone involved—the 370 students there, Stereo Radio, LP, Mike Howington and the Conference Council on Youth Ministries (CCYM) Design Team—shared that NEXUS 2013 was amazing.

Hannah Nolan is a 16-year-old volunteer writer. All United Methodist youth are welcome and encouraged to contribute stories and story ideas to the conference communications office at