Conference Lay Leader: New York Trip 'Meaningful'


By Tamica Smith-Jeuitt, Sr. Communications Specialist


Did you know that the Mississippi Annual Conference Lay Leader Tim Crisler serves on the General Board of Global

Tim Crisler
Conference Lay Leader Tim Crisler among fellow members of the 
GBGM in New York.
Ministries (GBGM) for the United Methodist Church?   As a member of the board, Crisler recently attended their semi-annual gathering in New York.


The General Board of Global Ministries is the global mission agency of The United Methodist Church, its annual conferences, missionary conference and local congregations. Global Ministries has personnel, programs and mission partners in 136 countries. It facilitates international and domestic mission, including missionary service. 


Crisler explained how his presence is a plus for Mississippi United Methodists.


"By serving on this board I get to see the measures underway and help with the strategic planning to make sure the global church presence is truly everywhere," said Crisler.  


Another positive for Mississippi is that the president of Global Ministries is someone Crisler knows well, the former bishop of the Mississippi Annual Conference, Bishop Hope Morgan Ward.


The board of directors consists of members from all five jurisdictions, the Africa Central Conference, Europe and Asia, Germany, the Northern Europe and Eurasia Central Conference, Philippines and the Methodist Church of Puerto Rico.


They met for four days in New York and spent one day to help people affected by super storm, Hurricane Sandy.

"This semi-meeting was especially meaningful to me because of the service project.  Almost eight years ago Hurricane Katrina affected the Mississippi Coast and Mississippians were receiving help from people from all around the world.   So it was a wonderful blessing for me to return the favor to our brothers and sisters who experienced the horrific nature of Hurricane Sandy," explained Crisler.


Crisler's term of service to the the Board of Global Ministries is from 2013 to 2016. To learn more about Global Ministries and give to the mission, click here.