Sunday April 14 - Support Native American Ministries


By Tamica Smith-Jeuitt, Sr. Communications Specialist


The Reverend Dr. Al Styron recalls the evening a young male

Choctaw Children
Choctaw children during bible study near Philadelphia, Miss.
member of the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians contacted him for food. "He sent me a text message saying his mother did not have anything for them to eat," said Styron, who delivered the goods himself to the family of five around nine o'clock that same night. "This one scenario plays itself over and over again," said Styron, who is the executive director of the Mississippi United Methodist Choctaw Mission. The feeding program is one of many services offered to strengthen and develop the Native American communities near Philadelphia, Miss., where approximately 10,000 Choctaw Indians reside. Styron said their needs are the same as any population.


"We help them through our clothing program. We help with decreasing the dropout rate and we have vacation Bible schools for the children. There are domestic abuse issues and alcoholism, homelessness and hopelessness...we minister to people's body, soul, mind and spirit," explained Styron.


On Sunday, April 14, United Methodists from across the nation will engage in a special offering to support the works of Native American Ministries like the Mississippi United Methodist Choctaw Mission. Annual conferences with ministries keep 50 percent of their offering for local Native American outreach. The remainder of the offering goes to the General Council on Finance and Administration for distribution to the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry for scholarships and to the Native American Urban Initiative of the General Board of Global Ministries. For these reasons, Styron is praying Mississippi United Methodists will generously give to this Special Sunday.  


"Their gifts go towards helping to truly fulfill the great commission," said Styron.


Native American Ministries Sunday reminds United Methodists of the contributions made by Native Americans to society. In 2012, the United Methodist Church submitted $287,581 towards the ministry. Mississippi's portion that year was $3,254.  


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To send donations by check, mail to: GCFA, P.O. Box 340029 Nashville, TN 37203. NOTE: Write "Native American Ministries" in the note section of your check.