Hail Damages a Dozen Methodist Children's Homes Vehicles


 By Tamica Smith-Jeuitt


The hail storm that pounded parts of Mississippi on Monday, March 19 has created a transportation strain for the Methodist Children's Homes in Clinton.  A dozen vehicles used to take kids to and from school have shattered windows or no windows as a result of hail that reportedly measured as large as tennis balls 

Hail-damaged vehicle
One of a dozen damaged 
in the recent hail storm. 
in some areas of the state.


Now the staff must improvise and use the very few vehicles that can transport the children to appointments such as doctor visits and extra-curricular activities. "We must make arrangements to transport anywhere between forty and fifty children at any given time, so losing the majority of our vehicles has put an enormous strain on our resources. The use of personal vehicles to transport the children is not allowed, so we are making do the best we can at this time," according to Vernon King, Vice President of Development for the Methodist Children's Homes.


There are 29 buildings on the Methodist Children's Homes campus. Damage to those structures vary. King said they are asking volunteers to provide skilled laborers to repair damage to the roofs, provide funds to cover the unknown and unforeseen costs of these repairs, and more importantly they need prayers.  Anyone who would like to help the Methodist Children's Homes, contact Vernon King at 601-853-5000, ext. 222 or email him at vking@mchms.org.


Hail measured

Through group homes, adolescent parenting services, independent living program, and therapeutic foster care programs, MCH serves children, from birth to age 21, who have been physically, emotionally and/or sexually abused. These children are referred to MCH by the Mississippi Department of Health and Human Services, churches and parents or guardians.


MCH strives to meet the needs of the children in a home-like environment.