Communications Trip Brings Benefit for Local Churches


The newest members to the Mississippi Annual Conference

Jasmine, Larry and Tamica
Mississippi communicators with 
Rev. Larry Hollon, General Secretary 
of UM Communications.
communications staff are back in Mississippi after training with the United Methodist Communications staff in Nashville, Tennessee. The three-day event featured ways to inform Mississippi Methodists about affordable and free resources available to local churches, plus introductions to leadership of UM agencies. Representing Mississippi was Sr. Communications Specialist Tamica Smith-Jeuitt and Web and Social Media Specialist Jasmine Haynes.


"The visit was partially about building relationships and I am pleased to say we made that connection for the MS Annual Conference. We left especially excited for the local churches after gaining a better understanding of all of the materials and tools being produced at the top for the churches. So, we are looking forward to making everyone aware of those resources" said Smith-Jeuitt.


Director of Communications and Connectional Ministries, Rev. Steve Casteel, expressed his appreciation for the communications team having a presence during the training that included United Methodist communicators from other parts of the country. "They have discovered information necessary that will not only be helpful to them in their roles, but also what is needed to continue moving the Annual Conference forward," said Casteel.


The training included stops to United Methodist Communications (UMCom), the General Board of Discipleship (GBOD), the General Board of Higher Education and 

Jasmine at Training
Jasmine Haynes, (left), listens 
during UMCom tour.

 Ministry (GBHEM) and the United Methodist Publishing House (UMPH) to name a few. Each stop on the tour had a wealth of resources ranging from scholarships

for United Methodist students, to a free, five-step marketing plan for local churches to expand their efforts in discipleship and time for the Mississippi communicators to ask questions.


"I received a scholarship from the GBHEM when I went to Dillard University years ago so it was really amazing to see the place that blessed me with that financial aid when I desperately needed money to go to school," said Haynes who attends Middlebrook United Methodist Church in Jackson.


Conference communicators were not only shown training and technology to aid members, clergy, lay and leadership of the local churches, they were also given metrics to measure the tools' effectiveness in building vital congregations.