Clearing the Way for Hispanic Ministry


 By Tamica Smith-Jeuitt


Nearly seventy people helped clean up the property of the future home for Hispanic Ministries in Desoto County, Mississippi. According to Andy Ray, the Senatobia District Superintendent, construction of the new facility, 

One volunteer helps 
with clean up for new 
UM ministry site.

which will sit on a lot of more than seven acres, could begin within six months.


The idea of another place of worship is part of a plan to meet the needs of the growing community through the United Methodist Church's New Church Development initiative.


"We hope to grow this into a vital, self-sustaining congregation. What's important is that we become more multi-cultural," said Ray.  


The site is one of six churches the district hopes to plant in the coming years.  The Rev. Goyo de la Cruz, also known  as new church planter,

(Left to right) Rev. Andy Ray and Goyo de la Cruz 

plays a prominent role in the strategy to bring the project to existence.  He is thrilled about the new opportunity for evangelism.


"We will continue with the work of harvesting souls, because now we'll have a place where we can provide spiritual and material attention to new souls to be converted to Christ," he said.  


Ray adds that money continues to be a crucial factor, but because United Methodists have a great understanding that they are tasked with the responsibility to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world, the mission is possible.


"I think that everybody feels that we are partners in helping grow the Kingdom. We don't have to cross borders or go overseas.  We have an opportunity to be in mission right here," explained Ray.


During the Senatobia District Rally on November 18, 2012 an offering of $7,000 was collected to support the movement.