330 Plus Attend UM Men "Calling All Men -- Man Up for Jesus"


 By Tamica Smith-Jeuitt


The Mississippi United Methodist Men declares their first time event "Calling All Men-Man Up for Jesus" a huge success, with more than 330 men

Calling All Men Group 1
Bishop Swanson addresses the audience during the Calling All Men event.
and boys in attendance. Among the crowd was Rev. Tim Thompson who stated that the room was filled with men energized about the concept of church and their relationship with Jesus Christ.  


"These guys were just jumping up, praising God and singing out of the depth of their hearts; at altar call, one hundred or so came down in tears,

Tim Thompson
Tim Thompson sharing 
the story of a motivating UM men's event.

 crying about this wonderful experience they were having in the preaching moment," said Thompson.


The evening that was dedicated to fellowship and inspirational messaging was held at Camp Lake Stephens in Oxford, Mississippi on Friday, February 15. Joining the group all the way from Nashville, Tennessee was the General Secretary of the United Methodist Men, Gil Hanke and Mississippi's own Bishop James Swanson, Sr., who gave the sermon that Thompson took to heart.


"Bishop Swanson said we as men have to go back and serve God with authentic hearts and develop authentic relationships with our Jesus Christ," Thompson added.   


"What we experience in that short time, was the Power of We; how we as United Methodist men can do more together than we can ever do apart."


This same event will also be scheduled for the central, southern and the delta regions of Mississippi at a later date. For more information about the United Methodist Men of Mississippi follow www.methmenms.org.