Bishop Swanson Visits Congressman Thompson


 By Tamica Smith-Jeuitt    

Bishop with Thompson 1

U.S. Representative of Mississippi's 
2nd Congressional District, Bennie Thompson (right) meets Mississippi Resident Bishop James Swanson, Sr.  

Bishop James E. Swanson, Sr. and Mississippi Congressman Bennie Thompson met for the first time on Tuesday, January, 29 at Thompson's office in Bolton. One might describe their introduction as kindred spirits of United Methodist men who are getting acquainted for the first time and the one thing they share in common for certain is their devotion to the church. Swanson is the Resident Bishop for the Mississippi Annual Conference. Congressman Thompson is a long time member of Asbury United Methodist Church, also located in Bolton.  
The pair spent more than an hour sharing stories about their ties to the United Methodist Church and the challenges they face as leaders with a responsibility to help strengthen the lives of others. Both are particularly concerned for those living in the neighborhoods of United Methodist churches.
"You can't ignore your surroundings," said Congressman Thompson who also expressed his hope that Bishop Swanson would become the voice in promoting excellent leaders for the UMC in Mississippi.

Bishop with Thompson 2

Bishop Swanson offers one
last handshake after his meeting with Congressman Thompson.

"You are part of that fresh air people need to feel and smell as often as they can," Thompson commented.
Before departing, Bishop Swanson and Congressman Thompson pledged they would collaborate on faith matters and growth of the UMC.
"I look forward to developing a wonderful working relationship with the Congressman and knowing he is a member of the church makes me proud and I know because of that our church will be much better," said Bishop Swanson.

The visit also included an open invitation for Bishop Swanson to go hunting with Congressman Thompson.