Thank You from Bill McAlilly


There are not enough words in the English vocabulary to express the depth of my gratitude to all who have offered support to Lynn and me across the last 18 months. As we considered and prayed about the dangerous opportunity of being a bishop in the United Methodist Church, so many people have supported our journey.

Without the support of our family, especially our children, Chris and Laura and their spouses, Millie and Nate, I don’t think we could have endured this long year. My parents, Roy and Lorene, and my sister Debbie and my brother Steve have always been there to pick me up and encourage me. Thank you all for believing in me.

To the Mississippi Conference for trusting me with the gift of leadership and the opportunity to serve an Episcopal nominee and for the many, many prayers you have offered as well as words of encouragement.

To Jimmy Carr, John Moore, Lisa Garvin, John Garrott,, Connie Shelton, Steve Casteel, and Anthony Thaxton, who have guided me in conversation and support this year in the many details of this journey.

To the pastors and laity of the Seashore District who have helped shape me as a leader—you have been an encouragement and a great gift. You have taught me well.

To the Mississippi Delegation, for standing beside me on this journey. You'll never know how much your support has meant to me. Especially to you, Joe May. You are a good man, and I thank you.

Most importantly to God, who called me, shaped me, jerked me around, and sent me out, I give thanks and praise. To God be the glory.

Bill McAlilly