Disaster Response Update: Preparing for Hurricane Season


June 25, 2012
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Mississippi Conference of the United Methodist Church

Preparing for Hurricane Season     


As we all watch the weather brewing in the Gulf there is a natural inclination to feel anxiety. There are so many variables in the season of storms. The good news is that we have learned well from Katrina. While Recovery has been in process, so have preparations for the next storm. This next week we will share parts of this plan. We have every right to be proud of the work our denomination has provided. Our hope is to keep an accurate and timely flow of information to you to insure we are able to align the right resources with the needs that arise in the arena of crisis and natural disaster.


Rev. Bill McAllily, Superintendent of the Seashore District, reports that on Tuesday of last week the Seashore District Clergy gathered for a refresher course on Hurricane Preparedness and protocols should we be faced with another major hurricane. Each congregation is preparing its plan from evacuation to recovery.


"The Seashore District now has in place the capacity to handle goods as they come in for distribution through Camp Faith in Saucier, which is our warehouse and meeting room. All water, food, etc., will be channeled through Camp Faith. We have the capacity to handle large pallets of goods and the forklifts to move them. Camp Love located at Nugent UMC and Camp Hope located at Vancleave UMC are equipped with generators and Satellite phones and can house early responders.


Robert Sharp and his remaining Katrina Recovery Staff will be with us through October should we need them. Scott Wright is the Seashore District Disaster Response Coordinator.


Should a storm of consequence emerge the Conference Call Center will be up and running and communication with the Annual Conference regarding the kinds of needs we have will be posted.


The resources we have in these camps are the fruit of our connectional system. They will become part of our ongoing ministry capacity long after Katrina Recovery is over. Stay tuned for other ways we have strengthened our capacity to serve those impacted by the disasters that are a part of life in Mississippi."