Bishop Hope Morgan Ward Receives Honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree


Information courtesy of Patti Wade, Millsaps College

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward received an honorary Doctor of Divinity degree at Millsaps College's 118 Commencement Ceremony on Saturday, May 12, 2012. Millsaps trustee Maurice Hall presented Bishop Ward with the doctoral hood.

Former Millsaps Chaplain and fellow Millsaps Board of Trustee member The Reverend Lisa Garvin said, "Bishop Ward is a leader whose decisions rise out of a deep spiritual center. Her leadership draws out the gifts and creativity of others, inviting all into a community that gives witness to the Gospel."

The Reverend Dr. Joey Shelton, senior pastor of Galloway Memorial United Methodist Church in Jackson and a member of the Millsaps College Board of Trustees commented, "Rarely has a person epitomized their name to the extent of Bishop Hope Morgan Ward. Leadership through the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, grace in the midst of ecclesial controversy, joy in relationships, inspirational preaching, justice for the marginalized, optimism, intellect, and sheer good will have been shared with us from a deep well of character that has endured throughout her tenure in Mississippi."

Rev. Shelton went on to say, "Her leadership, from alpha to omega, has exhibited the pursuit of excellence. As graduates of Millsaps College who have been formed for ad excellentiam, Bishop Ward is a shining example for all of us. May we strive to epitomize our names as Millsaps alumni with Bishop Ward's model of endurance, character, and hope."