March 29th Faith Gathering to Respond to HB488 (revised start time)


Join us on Thursday, March 29th
2pm at the State Capital

Faith Gathering
Press Conference
Clergy & Lay Advocacy Meeting with Legislators

Dear Faith Leaders,

Many of you have expressed concern about the Alabama copycat anti-immigration, HB 488, that recently passed the Mississippi House of Representatives. As faith leaders, we are called to respond to these harsh and unjust laws that are contradictory to our faith values to love our neighbor and welcome the stranger. Key leaders such as the Bishops from Catholic, Methodist and Episcopalian traditions have already sent a letter to legislators and the Governor expressing HB 488 is the wrong direction for Mississippi as stated below.

"Course anti-immigrant legislation eats away at the very core of our nation’s ideals and unjust punitive measures diminish the character of us all… we call for adherence to basic Gospel mandates of love, care and concern for our neighbors.”

The Mississippian's for Biblical Hospitality have called for an approach that would allow for basic human rights.

"The Bible repeatedly affirms the responsibility to respect the dignity and worth of all people regardless of nationality or legal status and to provide hospitality and assistance to the stranger and alien among us (Exodus 22:21; Deuteronomy 10:17-19; Psalm 94:6; Zechariah 7:10)."

As HB 488 moves to the Senate, the we are called from our faith to work towards halting this legislation before it becomes law! Please spread the word! In the next week, please consider writing Op-Eds or Letters to the Editor as well.

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