Year-End Treasurer's Notes


On Apportionments:

The closing date for the 2009 conference apportionments is 4:30 pm January 8, 2010.  All funds received after that time will be counted as 2010 payments.  Local church pastors will be receiving a mid month report as of December 18, 2009 of apportionments paid as of that date.  

On Local Church Contributions:

All local church financial secretaries should begin to plan to issue the proper reports to the gracious local givers of your local church.  The IRS guidelines are very specific about who must receive statements of giving and what should be contained in that document.  Go to the conference website to find the IRS publication that gives those directions.  Remember that credit can only be given for receipts that are received in the local church by midnight December 31, 2009.  Some people understand the deadline extension of receiving conference apportionments applies to local church contributions.  This is absolutely not the case. If you need further clarification contact David Stotts, Conference Treasurer.

On Year End Tax Forms:

Remember that all clergy (ordained, licensed, or commissioned) MUST receive a W-2 form.  This form must be prepared in January and delivered to the pastor no later than January 31, 2010.  The Clergy Budget Compensation Worksheet gives guidance as to what goes on the W-2 form.  Other items of income including Christmas gifts, pastor appreciation Sunday gifts, birthday and anniversary gifts, and moving gifts paid to the pastor by the treasurer (regardless of the source of funds) must be included.  Lay employees must also be given W-2 forms.  If you have questions, there is guidance on the web site or you may contact the conference treasurer, David Stotts.

On Conference-wide Property and Casualty Insurance:

Renewal forms for the conference wide insurance program will be received by the local churches before November 30, 2009.  Premiums are looking very favorable.  If you have not received your packet by that date, give Gallagher a call at 601-956-5810.  Please be sure to follow the renewal instructions contained in the packet.  

If you are not covered by the conference plan, you may contact Jeff Estes or Chris Brantley at Gallagher for a quote on your coverage.  Remember, there is always a place for every local church and entity flying the cross and flame at the conference wide insurance table.  

Conference Books Closing:  

The 2009 Conference apportionment books will be closed on Friday January 8, 2010.  Please be sure to have those gracious gifts to your conference ministry by that date.  Thank you to all 100% churches.  If your church was not a 100% church, did you increase your giving % this year?

Year End Statistical Reports:  

The statistical reporting format is similar to last year.  Go to the conference website and log in to the Eagle System using your GCFA number and your conference local church number.  Please be certain to complete Table 3 this year.

The web site for stats will open January 1, 2010 and close January 29, 2010.  Watch for your district announcement about stats.