Find-A-Church Helps Put Your Best Foot Forward


Find-A-Church Helps Put Your Best Foot Forward
United Methodist Communications reports that the site is receiving 400,000 pageviews a month, indicating people are using the internet more and more to search for a church near them. Your congregation's Find-A-Church page is often the first door a visitor will enter. But only 16 percent of Mississippi churches have updated their information on the site that offers churches an opportunity to share their ministry and programs.

Is your church prepared? When is the last time you visited Find-A-Church, uploaded your church ministries, added your new worship service or announced your new Bible study?

Updating the information is easy. Click here to see a tutorial or use the following step-by-step instructions.

Updating Your Church Profile:
    • Go to
    • Enter your zip code and choose your church from the listing.
    • On your church profile page, click "Update Your Page Now" in the right sidebar to start the update process.
    • Enter the login information and click Submit to get the Submission Form. (The GCFA number is optional.)
    • On the Submission form, review the information for your church and make any changes and additions.
    • Enter worship services and Sunday school classes by clicking on "New." Enter the daily or weekly schedule, preferred name and any notes. Be sure to click Save after each.
    • Continue your update by clicking the + beside each ministry category for a list of ministry types. Enter the daily or weekly schedule, preferred name and any notes. Or you can choose the option for no set schedule. Be sure to click Save after each ministry entered.
    • Upon finishing, go to the bottom of the form and click Submit.

Note: Certain fields are provided to us and cannot be changed by the local church, i.e. church mailing address, names of pastors and attendance figures.
Confirmation notification will be sent after your submission. You or other members of your congregation can update as often as you need to. You can expect your updates o be published to the Web within 5 - 7 days. For questions or assistance, e-mail or call InfoServ at 1.800.251.8140.