Abraham passes great test from God


A Stream Of Faith
By Charles E. Westbrook

“Sometime later God tested Abraham; he said, to him, Abraham! 'Here I Am', he replied.” — Genesis 22;1 NIV

According to the scripture, Abraham was truly a man of God. He loved God and would do anything that he was told. Abraham trusted God and followed all instruction God gave him without question. Abraham just did what was asked of him to do.

One day, God called Abraham, who put aside what he was doing and listened to what God had to tell him. God told Abraham to go to the region of Moriah and to take his son Isaac with him. God told Abraham to be prepared to offer Isaac as a living sacrifice. Abraham was told to set out on the journey, and they would receive further instructions when they arrived at that location.

Abraham loved Isaac, but he always did as God told him to do. So, the next day Abraham got two donkeys, two servants, Isaac and a load of wood and set out.

When they had traveled to the place where God had sent them, Abraham told the servants to stay with the donkeys and wait. He took the wood and Isaac with him as they went to the place that God had told him to go. While they were walking, Isaac asked how they were going to offer a sacrifice and what they were going to use as a sacrifice? Abraham told Isaac that God would provide what was needed.

After they arrived, they built the altar. Abraham placed Isaac on the altar. Just as he was going to offer Isaac as the sacrifice, God called Abraham told him not to hurt the boy. In the distance there was a ram caught in a bush. Abraham and Isaac got the ram from the bush and sacrificed it to God. He saw how dedicated Abraham was and how much he loved God.

We need to really think about Abraham and Isaac. Abraham and Isaac were willing and ready to carry out God’s test of their faith. This chapter in God’s word showed us how much God loves us and what he does to show his love for us. After God stopped Abraham from hurting Isaac, he saw where Abraham loved him and obeyed him. Abraham loved God so much that he was willing to offer his only son who he loved. The question of the day is: Would you be willing to give your child as a sacrifice? Are you ready and willing to show your love to God and give your child to Him?

God did the same thing for us when He gave Jesus Christ. Jesus didn’t do anything wrong, but he died for our sins. Jesus was willing to take our place to give us freedom from sin. The only thing we have to do is accept Jesus Christ, God’s only son. All He wants is for us to love and obey Him.

Think about it, where do you stand?

 Westbrook is a regular contributor to the “Advocate.”