Support Camping Ministries


Many of us are familiar with the vital role that conference youth and camping ministries play in the life and faith of our young people. Camp Lake Stephens, Gulfside Assembly, Seashore Assembly and Wesley Pines Camp & Conference Center provide a vital link in the primary task of the annual conference – discovering, recruiting, equipping, and sending persons for ministry.

In a time in which the annual conference has asked the camps to secure more of their own funding, reducing apportionments designated for the camps by 10 percent a year over an eight year period, the Camping Ministries Offering scheduled for Sept. 13 becomes more vital than ever before.

Can’t receive this offering on the Sept. 13 date? No problem! Just receive the offering at any point before the end of the year. The offering may be received as undesignated or it may be designated by the local church to a particular camp or camps.

There are other ways to support camping ministries:

• Send a work team to camp. Each of the camps always has significant building and maintenance needs.
• Contribute to camp scholarship funds through your Sunday school class, UMW circle, or other small group.
• Send us your young people for a week of camp. See how God is at work through these wonderful ministry settings.

Camping Ministries Sunday Offering funds should be forwarded to the Conference Treasurer’s office at P.O. Box 1201, Jackson, MS, 39215-1201.