Make stewardship part of your clergy life


The Conference Board of Pensions offers a two-day educational session designed to assist clergy in modeling and teaching the United Methodist commitment to fully utilizing their time, talents, gifts, service and witness.

The “3 L” Academy — Learning, Living and Leading — is scheduled begin at 10 a.m. Aug. 17 and conclude at 5 p.m. Aug. 18l be at the Holiday Inn Trustmark Park in Pearl. The hotel is located between Trustmark Park and Bass Pro Shop. To register, click here.

Programs will be presented to three specific groups of participants. Each participant should find a track that will best describe his or her own ministry.

The three tracks are not related to age of clergy but to focus on the age of the ministry of the participant. The tracks are:

Track 1: Those New to Ministry – This track will address the partici­pant who has recently begun his or her ministry. The goal is to equip those participants with resources that will enhance a basic understanding of these areas and help these participants begin a journey focus­ing on developing good personal financial goals.

Track 2: Those Reaching Middle Age of their Ministry – This track will explore and reinforce those skills and resources that may have been lost in the “water under the bridge.” The desire is to equip those participants with both old and new material available to them as well as resources for their personal financial goals.

Track 3: Those Nearing Retirement – This track will also address those resources that may have slipped into the past. The Board of Pensions wants to share the new resources that are available. Moreover, this will become the pre-retirement seminar. The desire is to enable participants to pre­pare for their retirement which will be a new walk of life and to help recognize what is coming their way financially.

Session Descriptions
Properly Handling Clergy Compensation – Dan Gary of the General Council on Finance and Administration and Mississippi Conference Treasurer David Stotts, this session will explore the salary compensation budget worksheet and proper handling and tax implications of each line. Stewardship Responsibilities: Modeling and Teaching – Martha Scarborough and the Rev. LaRue Owen of the Mississippi United Methodist Foundation will present a realistic overview of the role of the church in a world of consumerism and our re­sponsibilities, both personally and as church leaders, toward Christian stewardship. Take home helpful information and resources for individuals and congregations.

Clergy as Interpreter of General Church Ministry – Ken Sloanewill teach about the resources at the general church level and how those re­sources can enhance the ministry of the local church as well as how the local church can enhance the ministry through connectionalism.

Clergy Communication Skills – Lisa Michiels, conference director of communications, will show new and innovative ways to enhance your ministry in the local church as you interpret and live the stewardship example. Social Security – Channon McLaurin of the Social Security Administration will share how Social Security and Medicare enhance ministry and stewardship examples.

United Methodist Benefits Review – Ron Coleman of the General will share the many benefits offered to United Methodist clergy.  This class will explain what benefits one may expect from the church when one retires, becomes disabled or dies. The class will focus on the Clergy Retirement Security Program (CRSP), the Ministerial Pension Plan (MPP), the United Methodist Personal Investment Plan (UMPIP), as well as the Comprehensive Protection Plan (CPP).Setting and Monitoring Financial Goals – Mark Conner, also of the Board of Pensions and Health Benefits, will help participants discover and then incorporate several financial management tools. This ses­sion will help to sort out and then balance priorities for financial resources. Ques­tion and answer period about deploying resources including investment questions will conclude this break-out session.

Clergy Health and Stewardship Responsibility –Stewardship of your health can make a difference in your ministry, in your every day living and to the general health of the conference. Come learn from Ron Johnson of the Bartlett UMC Counseling Centerhow to lead your congregation in that direction.

The “3 L” Academy is sponsored by the Mississippi Conference Board of Pensions in consultation with the Mississippi UM Foundation, the Board of Medical Benefits, the Board of Ministry and the Stewardship Table.