This is Just to Say …


Editor’s Note: The following poem was written by Merrye Lynn Brennan, music director at Pass Christian First United Methodist Church, for the Rev. Terry Hilliard as she takes a new appointment.

This is Just to Say …

Our Journey together began five years ago,
Where it would take us, we never could know.
A new "lady preacher" — young, smart, and fair,
Eagerly came with much to share.

With Terry's guidance that first year, real goals were set,
And as the days passed, many were met.
Things moved smoothly during the year,
But Mother Nature changed our plans, I fear.

We had to cancel church one August Sunday,
Katrina was coming, we all went away.
You returned home to find things such a mess,
As to even put poor Job to the test.

Lost possessions, flooded church, the town almost gone,
You somehow managed to move along.

You went to work to find your scattered flock,
And you found us — This means so much —
You let us all know you got us "in touch."

You then had a brilliant idea, a Sunday school "bunkhouse," to house volunteers.
Our church served our town as never before.
Nothing could have helped the community more.

Beautiful visitors filled our church week after week,
We had big crowds at worship, something we now seek.
And after the volunteers were all gone, the Episcopalians came along.

We have a nursery school here — an original goal,
God works in mysterious ways we are told.

When we look at all you accomplished here,
It is easy to see why we hold you so dear,
And though, you won't be for away,
We'll miss hearing your message each Sunday.
And as you leave us now, please know,
You'll be in our hearts wherever you go.